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WELCOME to the Official Blog of the 2012 Master National Hunting Test, October 18-28, brought to you by the Retriever News and written by Tina Styan & Gwen Jones. We hope you enjoy these daily updates on the 2012 Master National, held this year in and around Demopolis, Alabama.


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Truck Signs

There are a lot of amateur and pros that attend this event. We thought you'd like to see a selection of the signs, banner, stickers, etc. we found along the way ... ENJOY!


Master National...By The Numbers

We have had some requests for a break down of this event by each flight. We'll provide the basics and you can do the math to see how many dogs were dropped and what percentage passed in the particular Flight you are interested in. As you can imagine, it is hard for the folks at the event to keep it straight, let alone the retriever community who is not attending the event.

Flight A –
      Test 1.     Dogs Entered: 179
      Scratches: 5 (but 3 dogs moved; 2 to C; 1 to B)
Starters: 171 -- Oh No, Mr. Bill! (injury minus 1)
      Test 2.     Callbacks: 117 -- Oops I Did It Again!
      Test 3.     Callbacks: 91 -- Butterfly Slots
      Test 4.     Callbacks: 77-- Give Me A Brake
      Test 5.     Callbacks: 68 -- Are We Having Fun Yet?
      Qualifiers: 52

Flight B –
      Test 1.     Dogs Entered:  179
Scratches: 5
Starters: 175 -- Double Trouble
      Test 2.     Callbacks: 114 -- Give Me A Brake
      Test 3.     Callbacks: 98 -- Oh No, Mr. Bill!
      Test 4.     Callbacks: 87 -- Eagle's Nest
      Test 5.     Callbacks: 74 -- Butterfly Slot
      Qualifiers: 64

Flight C –
      Test 1.     Dogs Entered: 180
Scratches: 5
Starters: 175 -- Are We Having Fun Yet?
      Test 2.     Callbacks: 127 -- Censored
      Test 3.     Callbacks: 95 – Double Trouble
      Test 4.     Callbacks: 71 -- Oops I Did It Again!
      Test 5.     Callbacks: 63 -- Oh No, Mr. Bill!
      Qualifiers: 50

Flight D –
      Test 1.     Dogs Entered: 178
Scratches: 11
Starters: 167 -- Butterfly Slots
      Test 2.     Callbacks: 115 -- Eagles Nest
      Test 3.     Callbacks: 97 -- Are We Having Fun Yet?
      Test 4.     Callbacks: 80 -- Censored
      Test 5.     Callbacks: 63 -- Oops I Did It Again!
      Qualifiers: 55


Master National Vanity Plates

We snapped a few license plates that we saw on our wanderings for a bit of fun ... ENJOY!


Day Eight of the Master National

This Day Eight, Saturday, of the Master National brought a change in the weather that everyone knew was coming, but still caught some, including this reporter, by surprise. With an almost 40 degree swing in temperature from a high of 86 degrees yesterday, to a bone-chilling 48 degrees this morning everyone in the galleries we visited was huddled together for warmth. The smart ones were wearing wool hats and no one was making fun of those wearing blankets ... just shooting them jealous glances every once in a while! We caught up first with Flight C continuing with "Oh No, Mr. Bill" ... they were hoping to wrap things up by early afternoon.

What a difference a day makes ... Flight D was back to "Oops I Did It Again" with 63 dogs. They had run 15-20 dogs this morning when we had arrived. We were told that many were still handling on that middle bird. They, too were hoping to wrap things up mid-afternoon with their fifth test.

Our next stop was at Flight A, continuing "Are We Having Fun Yet?" Things apparently started out rough this morning with a stiff, cold wind and no sun, but we were assured the work was picking up. They had run 21 out of 68 contestants called back yesterday, and they, too expect to finish up in the middle of this afternoon. They have had more handles on this test today than yesterday, with as many as five handles this morning, four of which were on the flyer.

Our many thanks to David Carrington of Avery Sporting Dog and Dean Reinke of Purina for sponsoring this Blog!

BTW ... The Tramontine's both wore shorts out into the field this morning ... Brrrrrrrrr!

Mark Atwater's team from Up Close Photo was taking portrait shots in front of the Official Master National logo sign today. Be sure to get your picture taken!

The Black Warrior is still selling their apparel near the food wagon. Be sure to check out their "WARM" fleece vests.

Well that's the update for the moment ... We have just gotten words that Flight A is finished with their fifth test at 1 pm -- A winner, of sorts! Three of the four Flights will finish today and there will not be a sixth test for any Flight. Flight B will be starting soon on their fifth test, "Butterfly Slots" if they haven't already and so we are going to find them there shortly.

We got to Eagle's Nest to find everyone standing waiting for the Callbacks. In the end 74 were called back to the fifth test at Butterfly Slots." We headed over there in a wagon train as they were just putting the finishing touches on the set-up.

Flight B began running "Butterfly Slots" in the late afternoon. The time it took to pick up all the birds per dog was short (4-5 minutes per dog) and many were lining the blind while we were in the gallery. But despite that, the time for the B Flight to finish this test will take approximately 7 hours and so they will not finish until tomorrow at around noon. After they have have completed their final series, the Awards Ceremony will take place in the shed on the Cattle Ranch where the Master National Trailer has been being kept this past week. You might have passed it a few times on your way to "Double Trouble."

We realize at this point that people are anxious about getting home, especially those on the East Coast as tropical storm "Sandy" winds its way up the coast. Other just want to catch the tail end of a college football game or cheer on their favorite pro team. It is definitely about this time in a long event like this that home begins to sound sweet...


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